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We help busy professionals retire early with passive recession-resistant real estate investment.

Avatar Equity

Our organization sees opportunities to help busy professionals create passive income and generational wealth by investing in different multifamily assets to gain financial freedom. For our investors, we work every day to ensure a consistent double figured return while improving asset value and investor’s trust.


To become a successful investor, you don’t have to be a millionaire or realize the value of multifamily; you need the courage to take action.


Avatar Equity is a real estate investment firm with a mission to acquire multifamily properties and other real estate assets from the real estate market. Avatar equity will focus on high-income professionals to provide them a better opportunity to gain financial freedom & achieve their goals.

Investor's Mission

To provide a competitive and above-average return without the headache of daily involvement or open communication.

Tenant Mission

To treat the residents with courtesy, fairness, and respect.

Employee Mission

To provide a suitable environment that rewards achievements, dedication, and personal integrity.

Partner Mission

To welcome new partnerships that provide the leverage and strength required to deliver the best services.


“Our Vision Is To Create a Better Future For Busy Professionals.”

Avatar Equity focuses on people with different professions, encouraging them to invest in multifamily real estate and gain financial freedom within 3 to 5 years. We aim to produce different roadmaps to invest in real estate and earn a consistent passive income.

Why Choose Avatar Equity

Better Returns

Our goal is to provide you with as much (or as little) information as you need to be 100% comfortable in investing with us. Once you join us, we will ensure that you generate above-average annual cash returns, which is quite amazing for any real estate investor

Conservative Underwriting

We are ultra-conservative when we underwrite deals. For example, we have some extra funds to add to those reserves from cash flow. We also secure a long-term debt. Moreover, we also look for a value-added deal with maximum cash flow that stabilizes in 12 to 14 months. Our core aim is to protect the client from any possible market correction.  

Cash Flow

Regular cash flow is the key to any successful multifamily real estate business. We are constantly sourcing high-quality deals, having a consistent cash flow even starting from a small investment in multifamily real estate. 

Communication And Transparency

Communication & transparency are our core values. We are like an open book to answer any questions regarding any investment area. Once closed, we will provide monthly reports on your investments so that you know what is exactly going on. You can contact us anytime during your investment period, and we will always be there to help you tackle any hurdle. 

Innovative Investment Portal

Avatar Equity has a classified innovative investment portal, a bridge between the investors and our expert team. It provides a much faster approach, management expertise, and other relational services to the investors. 

Core Values

Why Invest In Multifamily


Housing is a base need. Economies come and go. Disruptors force change. Housing will ALWAYS be needed. Affordably priced, working class housing has a growing demand. This asset class outperforms decade in, decade out. Your portfolio value doesn’t change in one day based on a rumor in the stock market or speculation trying to predict what today’s news means.

Tax Depreciation

To lighten your tax burden, multifamily has the advantage of tax deductions in tax depreciation, which eventually leads to healthy legal cashback.

Cash Flow

Multifamily provides a constant cash flow which leads towards financial freedom. It provides returns in 5 different ways: appreciation, leverage, Equity, Depreciation, and income. While looking for more cash return, one should tilt towards multifamily investment.

Better Performance During The Last Recession

We love the low-risk profile of multifamily! Over the past few decades, multifamily properties have been less volatile than the stock market and residential real estate. During the great recession, Freddie Mac’s single-family loan delinquencies peaked at 4%, while delinquency for multifamily loans hovered just around 0.4%. The multifamily delinquency rate was at its peak and was 90% lower than the residential rate in the Great Recession.

How It Works.


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