Our Approach

How We Move​

Avatar equity is a multifamily real estate investment agency with a mission to acquire multifamily properties and other real estate assets from the real estate market and provide the best returns and consistent passive income, ultimately creating a positive effect on the investors and resident’s lifestyles. Avatar Equity will focus on high-income professionals to provide them a better opportunity to gain financial freedom & achieve their goals.

We Locate Market

Markets diversify with time. This diversification and employment stability provide a great boost to the growth of the particular market.

Growth Of Population

We spend years monitoring and analyzing the trends of the growing population and the changes caused by these trends.

Employment Values

Our experts are always focusing on the employment rates of a particular demographic, which directly affects society.

Analyzing Our Status

Every market has four phases and it moves to the next phase until it completes its internal 3 phases individually. We analyze in which phase our selected market lies and how to implement our plans to generate maximum returns.

Expansion Phase

The expansion phase attracts both investors and end-users looking to take advantage. As supply becomes tighter and prices for both sales and leasing increase, the developers are encouraged to carry out new construction. Once supply catches the demand, the expansion phase gradually ends.


In the hyper-supply phase, vacancy rates are still low as compared to the average but are beginning to increase as more inventory fails to be absorbed by the market and is soon followed by a decrease in sales prices and rental rates. This is the point where the sellers’ market tilts towards the buyers’ market. 

Recession Phase

The recession phase usually starts when vacancy rates and unsold inventory supply surpass their long-term average. All the new construction is halted and the new projects in the pipeline are delayed either intentionally or due to financial constraints. Sale and rent prices decline to the bottom and depressed properties gain privilege again. 

Recovery Phase

This phase is considered the best time to buy or rent a property as you have evidence that the recession phase has passed, further declines in the market are unlikely, and pricing is in your favor.

Multifamily Friendly Market

We are always trying to focus on a multifamily-friendly market that is more suitable for real estate investment and execution of our plans as it does not get directly affected like the stocks.

Balancing Supply And Demand

We are always trying to focus on providing the best supply units and assure that it does not move up from the vacant and negatively impact rents.

Diversified Market

We encourage property investors towards diversity by having a mix of properties that deliver capital growth, cash flow, and value-added opportunities such as renovation or development potential. When investors seek to build wealth, they tend to have an appetite to build a property portfolio quickly.

How Do We Select Deals

Selecting Best Proposal

With our strict underwriting procedure, we only select the best deals out of a hundred proposals consistently.

Analyze The Rent Rate

For rental properties, we dive deep into the market to understand trends of rental growth.  

Offer To Actual

We are always keen to provide offers to ACTUAL other than just providing them with financial projection proposals.


After all the predefined procedure and market analysis, we come up with a maximum allowable offer (MAO) which is the amount we can pay to acquire a deal. 

What Makes Us Successful

Locate Emerging Market

As a part of a rapidly changing market, there is a strong need to keep an eye on emerging markets. Market research is a vital aspect of every successful real estate business. To do so, we scan the job growth reports, population ratio, progress graph & local trading trends of that particular location.

Find Value-Added Properties

Deep research for value-added properties is carried out in a particular geographical location. Those value-added properties with bad management, low rents, and resident utility bills back (RUBB) are classified into separate classes (A, B, C & D) according to the property’s amenities, location, and usage.

Go Through Underwriting

After research, 100s of deals come across on our desk regularly. With our Strict underwriting guidelines, we select the best out of those 100 deals, which would produce a maximum and consistent cash flow with better returns for the investors.

Do Full Property Inspection

A non-invasive, visual inspection of a building is carried out by a fully qualified professional trained and experienced in evaluating buildings and their components. The inspection is designed to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your potential purchase. 

Negotiate Contracts

After being fully satisfied by the property’s physical inspection, the financing and contracting phase starts to settle the legal terms & conditions for a property. This also includes establishing relationships with loan brokers & banks for non-recourse loans. The contract negotiation in the real estate business is to ensure the company’s long-term success and client satisfaction.

Manage The Asset

Meeting with local asset managers to oversee the property, financial issue generation, and cash flow disbursement are the aspects of asset management for improving NOI-disburse for the property.

Liquidate Equity Capture

Providing liquidity options to the investors for both lock in profits and cut losses. Liquidating your real estate quickly and without stress, without any of your money being spent on closing costs, commissions, or home repairs.

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